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Sustainable outdoor communication for nature, culture and recreation. 

Physical signage, information panels, graphic reconstructions and audio points



Nature friendly

30 years of experience


Outdoor Communication 

We make sustainable outdoor communication for nature, culture and recreation. We do this with the best materials and set up total areas with sustainable communication products such as information panels, route signs, signpost for hiking trails and we also do that for customers abroad.

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Work together with us

We have been making info signs for more than 30 years and we often work together with other companies. They usually have the entrance, manage the house style but generally work more with paper design but with our knowledge and materials you can extend your design services to information exterior information panels, graphic reconstructions and audio points

Our specialization in outdoor information panels and our durable materials provide a perfect combination for successful outdoor communication.

Collaboration with other external parties for the realization of the project is certainly possible. 

We are very happy with it

The first part of the Spoorpark has been realized and as a municipality we had an idea for an information panel at the entrances. Together with Pressart, this idea has been developed into a beautiful design especially for this place. The collaboration with PressArt was pleasant and fast, the information panels provided have become super nice. Through the information panels, even more people can find the Spoorpark and discover the story behind this place. ”

Outdoor Communication ronald van Heiningen about information panals

Ronald van Heijningen

Project manager

Breda city engineers

Municipality of Breda

The PressArt products are of high quality
I ordered an information panel with several QR code signs for our non-profit project. PressArt is flexible, customer-minded and delivers standard & 'tailor-made' solutions. The PressArt products are of high quality, durable and built to last, It is a pleasure working with him!
outdoor communication and information panals from pressart

Laurens Huisman 

Adviseur assetmanagement (interim) bij Rijkswaterstaat

The quality delivered is perfect and on time
PressArt is a very professional company that listens very carefully to the client, thinks along and comes up with original solutions. The technical drawings are very informative. You get what you see. The quality delivered is perfect and on time. For the De Verkipping exhibition, PressArt supplied various materials that were very baffled and which, after being used intensively for a year, are still leading a good second life.

Ingeborg Snelleman

Problems with information boards

Approximately 90% of the information boards for companies are still made from with vinyl prints and, if you're lucky, a protective laminate. And although we sometimes apply that, it is actually an old technique that initially seems cheap but expensive in the long run. Info signs that have to remain in place for a long time require a high-quality environmentally-friendly solution in which the print is well protected in the plate. Today we have such beautiful products that will last for years and will be much cheaper in the long term than a sticker or a screen-printed panel.

Outdoor information signs must be able to withstand scratches with knives, graffiti and can just be made of stickers, since they can always be removed and work and often cannot withstand the operation of the plate on which they are mounted. At some point, they curl, become brittle and discolour in the short term. There is another problem abroad as developments in print technologies are not as far advanced everywhere as in the Netherlands, so that the wrong inks are used and the wrong printing techniques make an outer board. At the first purchase it all looks good, but after a few years the problems arise. The invoice has already been paid but the client has incorrect products in the field.

Experience with materials, printing techniques and the right frames is actually the only thing that has value in this world of outdoor communication. Believe me, we have made all the mistakes for you over the past 30 years and our clients are reaping the rewards of implementation and our advice.

vandalisme op informatieborden voor recreatieschappen

Suffer from vandalism

Wrong frames, constructions and materials for information signs cause vandalism more easily. Choose the right frame at the right location and the right material for the information board in your budget is a perfect prevention.
doorzame informatieborden voor recreatieschappen

About sustainability

Visitors ask more and more questions about sustainability and material use. In addition, damage is a huge annoyance. Always try to place the most sustainable environmentally friendly information board so that you can start the conversation with confidence.
lelijke informatieborden voor recreatieschappen

Ugly appearance

The average sticker lasts only 3 years, is susceptible to loosely picked corners, knives and damage and gives a cheap appearance to the environment and, even worse, a shabby appearance on the organization.

graffiti op informatieborden voor recreatieschappen

Graffiti on information boards

Choose the best material for information panels so that graffiti can be easily removed and you do not have to replace the board.
vandalisme op informatieborden voor recreatieschappen

Not impact resistant

External parties place poor quality information boards in the grounds and the recreation board becomes responsible for maintenance and the costs thereof.

High maintenance costs

In the event of damage, the manager must go to a location on average 4 times to resolve the problem. That costs money, dissatisfaction and then the reproduction costs are added.
Monkeyproof informatieborden

Monkeyproof outdoor communication

You can deliver text and images, but you can also mail a print ready file according to our delivery specifications. Ultimately, you still want a product that you are proud of. That is why we like to develop good frames and the best products for company signs.

More and more companies are interested in environmentally friendly company signs. Enjoy the success of PressArt and purchase your company sign here.

Our monkey proof plates in practice

80% of our information boards make of our material called PressArt-Plate-UV. In addition, the print IN was pressed into a rock-hard wood-fiber board under very high pressure and heat. The print is, as it were, integrated into the plate, making it extremely resistant to vandalism, scratches, graffiti and weather and wind. The perfect solution for signposting a walking route or an orientation panel, maps and terrain signs.

To believe all this you must have the record in your hands and I advise you to request a sample. Only then will you believe the above.

Advantages of PressArt-Plate-UV the best material for information boards

100% Recyclebare informatieborden voor recreatieschappen

100% recyclable

After use, throw it into the municipality's wood bin

vuurbestendige informatieborden voor recreatieschappen

Optimal Fire resistant

Fired glue has no influence on the plate

weerbestendige informatieborden voor recreatieschappen


No problems with wind and weather
co2 vriendelijke informatieborde voor recreatieschappen, nationaleparken en vvv's

Helps CO2 transition

Co2 storage during production and in the info board. 70% Biobased!
markerproof oriëntatie panelen voor recreatieschappen en nationale parken

Marker Proof

You can brush a pen off with spirit or anti-graffiti material in no time
uv en lichtecte informatieborden voor recreatieschappen

UV resistant

Optimally protected against UV light
natuurvriendelijke informatiepanelen

Nature friendly

Helps maintain forests and all the life that lives in them.
vorst bestendige informatiepanelen

Frost resistant

Snow and frost has no influence on the plate

brandveilige informatieborden

Optimal Peep resistant

Express a butt on the plate and the text will still be visible

slagvaste informatieborden van biobased materiaal

Impact resistant

Also against stones and deformation. No hair sanding in the top layer
monkeyproof informatieborden voor buiten

Official monkeyproof

Tested by the monkeys of Apenheul. Really!

graffiti bestendige informatiepanelen voor buiten

Graffiti resistant

With Anti-Graffiti agent you can brush it off again in no time

This title is used to make sure the visitor keeps reading on

Very happy with it!

Hereby some pictures. We are very happy with it.

Thank you for the good cooperation!

With best regards,

on behalf of the municipality of Wierden

Linda van der Hauw
Gemeente Wierden
Compliments for the beautiful signs!

Last Friday was the opening of the disabled path in the Leersumse Veld. The plate looked nice!

Two days before a blind lady happened to pass by. As a test we asked her to tell her what is on the braille part and that corresponded to the text next to it :-)

Very nice how you can combine a visual information panel with a panel in braille

Ilse van de Brugwal 
Just good stuff
Peter-Pim is an enthusiastic and great guy! He always has a good idea and works energetically when new things have to be thought of. If a problem needs to be solved, he is just as energetic, he looks on the spot and resolves things. I have asked him several times about all sorts of things that we no longer knew about the production of boards and panels and he can provide the figures. There is a lot of knowledge in his head and he always helps you. The latter is actually the most important thing, he is just a good guy and business partner. No double bottom, no secret agendas, he is always open and honest and I appreciate that enormously. If you have worked with him for years, you appreciate that openness and approachability. You feel comfortable with him and he simply delivers good things
Wim Vos

head communications


(Dutch govermental Nature preserve organisation) 

Help with Total terrain design

We are happy to help you further, please contact us to discuss a project. We have often found the solution to your problem in 15 minutes. We have a range of standard products available, but we also tailor a lot to size. Do you have an idea if you want to spar? Call our account manager Peter-Pim Stolker he likes it and it is seldom that he will not come out. For new ideas he likes to make a child's sketch that we set out for a technical drawing when commissioned and which we produce after approval. Short lines, good planning experience and the best and most environmentally friendly materials. We also do not like hassle afterwards and often opt for something stronger and slightly better although we also have the cheap materials at home.

We have a lot of experience with the overall terrain design and have a feeling for the style that you want to radiate.


Director PressArt

A solution within 15 minutes

Are you stuck? I will help you further. So far we have managed to help everyone and if you run into something or have questions, then an email or a phone call is the solution. We simply like to talk about our passion. We just like to think with you. If necessary, request a quote and describe what you want. It is without obligation and it costs nothing.

Free samples

If you really want to know what we are talking about here, I recommend requesting a sample. Only then will you understand why our information panels are so much better than those of others.
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